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TUI signs German bridge loan

by on April 13, 2020 0

KFW and TUI AG confirm the signing of a € 1.8 billion government bridge loan. The loan is guaranteed by the German federal government as part of their Covid-19 support program.

TUI’s current credit facility, the RCF Bank Consortium, supports the KFW loan and adds EUR 1.8 billion to TUI’s existing credit line.

Following the introduction...

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Airlines owe two billion SEK to Swedish travel agencies and tour operators

by on April 8, 2020 0

Airlines from all over the world owe Swedish travel agencies and tour operators SEK 2 billion for travel canceled due to corona. Although the reimbursement obligation is statutory, most airlines do not pay. “In the end, consumers risk losing their money,” said Didrik von Seth, secretary general of the travel industry association SRF in...

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DRF: Auxiliary Corona package is not sufficient

by on March 22, 2020 0

DRF Director Lars Thykier says many travel agencies are already bankrupt at this time, and he wonders if the $ 1.5 billion danish kroner the Government guarantees through the Travel Guarantee Fund is a loan and not a definite compensation. “It will take years to repay such a large amount, and I am...

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Corona fear spreads

by on March 22, 2020 0

“There have been fewer last-minute bookings to Southeast Asia, rather they are booking to other destinations, such as the Canary Islands,” said acting communications manager Adam Györki of the travel company TUI to E24.

Most people who travel to Thailand, for example, booked their trip already last summer.

At Ving there is also some...

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