Norwegian will convert debt into equity

The Norwegian Board of Directors will, through a number of measures, strengthen the company's balance sheet and fulfill the Norwegian authorities' terms in Trades...

Airlines on the edge fear repayments

The airlines are at risk of losing everything after canceled flights and demands from millions of travelers to get money back, IATA says. The International...

Lufthansa shuts down Germanwings

Lufthansa is closing down low-cost airline Germanwings to cut costs and survive the corona crisis. - Germanwings flights will not continue. The consequences of this...

Norwegian Air founder reducing shareholdings

A flagship announcement to the Oslo Stock Exchange on Tuesday shows that former Norwegian CEO Bjørn Kjos, his family and business partner Bjørn Kise...

Norwegian receives first 10% of Norwegian aid package

By getting two unnamed banks to provide guarantees of 30 million. NOK Norwegian has secured 300 million. NOK from the Norwegian State's aid package...

Norwegian asks creditors for delay

Norwegian Airlines asks creditors to defer interest and repayment on loans until June 30 to meet state requirements before disbursement of relief package funds. The...

Norwegian requests the same support as SAS

Now that the Swedish and Danish authorities have come up with a substantial rescue package for SAS, in the form of liquidity, that makes it much easier for Norway's largest competitor to get through this crisis," says CEO Jacob Norwegian Schram.

Comprehensive package of measures for Norwegian aviation: 6 billion in loan guarantee

The measures will help companies to gain access to financing in the market. The parties also agree to ensure a minimum level of flight offer in Norway.

Avinor has lost a billion in revenue

So far in March, Avinor has seen a decline in revenue of 68 per cent compared to the same time last year, and the loss of revenue has already passed a billion NOK.

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