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Norwegians shareholders agree to the crisis plan


An overwhelming majority of Norwegians’ shareholders have voted in favor of the group management’s rescue plan, which will prevent the company from going bankrupt.

The vast majority of shareholders voted in Monday’s extraordinary general meeting, yes, on all the important points in the rescue plan, reports Dagens Næringsliv.

The goal of the plan for CEO Jacob Schram and the Board of Directors of the company is to gain access to a government crisis loan of NOK 2.7 billion.

Through long negotiations in the last few days, the company managed to bring both bondholders, leasing companies and thus shareholders on board – the latter not least thanks to the help of Bjørn Kjos.

The world’s airlines are struggling heavily because restrictions following the outbreak of coronavirus have far put an end to all travel business. For Norwegian, the situation is particularly difficult, as the company was heavily indebted even before the outbreak of the virus.

As reported by Tom Andersson Travel News Norway