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Tourism loss in Denmark costs 38 billion

Sommer i Tivoli 2017. Hovedindgangen

A statement from Danske Bank shows that Danish hotels, restaurants, holiday rentals, etc. are going to be missing $ 38.2 billion DKK in lost revenue from foreign tourists this year.

The statement made to the Jutland Post shows at the same time that Denmark generally has a surplus on the tourism balance, in the way that foreign tourists in Denmark usually spend more money than Danish tourists spend abroad. Last year, foreign tourists thus brought in just over 38 billion. into Denmark, while Danish tourists abroad spent well over DKK 26 billion. outside Denmark.

However, this year, in all likelihood, there will be a huge loss in the form of lost revenue that affects the Danish tourism industry. Chief economist at Danske Bank, Las Olsen, tells Jyllands-Posten that “tourism is an important part of the Danish economy, and it is a very large part of the total demand that will disappear if foreigners do not come to Denmark in the summer. It will be a huge blow to the economy, no doubt about it ”.