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The most expensive and cheapest car rental

Håkan Dahlström Photography

A new study from ChooseMyCar has analyzed the prices of car hire for a week in 100 countries around the world. Here you have the overview of the 10 most expensive – and the 10 cheapest.

The 10 most expensive:

Cambodia, € 1,075

Ghana, € 1,073

Benin, € 1,012

Burkina Faso, 994 euros

Angola, 800 euros

Papa New Guinea, 781 euros

Zimbabwe, 757 euros

Zambia, 737 euros

Kenya, 702 euros

New Zealand, € 644

The 10 cheapest:

Montenegro, 36 euros

Serbia, 51 euros

Croatia, 66 euros

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 70 euros

Guatemala, 97 euros

Greece, 107 euros

Brazil, 112 euros

Lithuania, 116 euros

Bulgaria, 124 euros

Denmark, 124 euros

Norway 271 euros is ranked 39th on the list, topped by the cheapest country: Montenegro. So we are not one of the most expensive holiday countries on all fronts, but it is worth noting that a week with a rental car in Norway costs more than double what it does in Denmark…