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Avinor has lost a billion in revenue

It is 17 years since Avinor last went into deficit. They say they will have a big negative result this year. Here from Oslo Airport (Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix)

Most of the fall in turnover comes from last week alone, writes Dagens Næringsliv. – Commercial sales have plunged into the basement, but in addition, the government has decided that we will not receive fees from air passengers or airlines. So we have no income there either.

We are talking about billions and probably billions we are not going to get at all, says Avinor chief Dag Falk-Petersen to the newspaper.

Passenger traffic fell by 43 percent last week, according to Avinor. – We have already passed a billion in revenue loss, says Falk-Petersen. He says they will provide input to their owner, the Norwegian state, to get some of the revenue loss from fees offset. Either way, there will be no opportunity for profits this year.

Last year, Avinor reported a pre-tax profit of NOK 852 million. It is 17 years since the company last went into deficit. Falk-Petersen says the company has good liquidity and financial strength that they now use.

The Group is currently considering whether to lay off any of the total 3,000 employees. (NTB) Reported by: Bjorn Moholdt Travel News Norway